Private Eye Infidelity Investigations in New York, NY

Posted on: October 25th, 2017

Sometimes the client presents a very complicated, difficult set of circumstances and is looking for an answer that can be challenging to find.   This is where experience comes in, as the private eye with many years of experience will seldom come across a case that is not similar to one handled before.


Other times though,  a client can present an easily resolved situation.  Recently I had such a case.  A client asked to use my GPS tracker.  I gave it to her with a brief explanation of placement and my login and password so she could track the vehicle herself.   I gave her the unit on a Friday afternoon.  To my surprise, she called me first thing Monday morning saying “you can pick it up”.


What happened in that short span?  The client was planning to reconcile with her husband.  They had a nice weekend with the children.  All was looking rosy but when the husband left the house Monday morning he drove straight to the “ex” girlfriends house.  End of story.

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