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Parents swear and children sufferA Private Investigator Michael Mckeever

The proof you need…the peace of mind you deserve

All too often when a marriage ends with divorce, the legal battle becomes an emotionally fueled fight full of bitter accusations and a breakdown in communication.  Involved parties can become secretive, withholding information and hiding assets.  When children are involved it becomes even more crucial to ensure not only an equitable division of assets for financial stability but also the safety and emotional health of the children.

Why You Need A Private Investigator During Your Divorce

Hiring a private investigator can mean the difference between failure and success.  Private Investigator Michael McKeever is an experienced professional at gathering information that will be crucial in a court proceeding.  If your spouse is in the wrong, Michael can find the documents, witnesses and hard evidence that prove your case.

Protecting Your Rights And Your Financial Future

Most people believe a Private Investigator is used in a divorce only to prove infidelity or for child custody issues.  What about hidden assets?  People are often amazed at what their spouses have hidden.  Secret bank accounts, investments, cash deposits and even property have been uncovered during private investigations conducted in preparation for a divorce proceeding.  You may already know about the accounts that have your name attached.  What about those that don’t?  Make sure you’re not left in the dark.  Let Private Investigator Michael McKeever find what’s hidden and help protect your legal rights.

They’re Counting On You

Make sure your children are safe, wherever they are Custody battles are never easy.  Often times, children become the final ‘bargaining chip’ during divorce proceedings.  The battle can even rage long after the divorce is finalized.  When you find yourself facing a custody battle, don’t delay: call Private Investigator Michael McKeever. 

Parents share child.Every Claim Requires Evidence

  • Your spouse argued for joint custody out of bitterness.  Now, when they pick up your child for their visit, instead of bonding with your ex, they’re spending the weekend with grandma.
  • You suspect your spouse is engaged in illegal activity that could jeopardize the safety of your child.
  • Your children come back from a visit dirty, hungry and tired.
  • You notice telltale signs of physical and/or emotional abuse.

You can run to court, but without proof, your claims don’t carry much weight, especially when your children are too young to be considered a reliable witness in a court of law.

Michael McKeever can help you get the hard evidence necessary to substantiate your claims and prove your case in court.  You deserve to know your children are safe, wherever they are.  Don’t hesitate: your children are counting on you.


The check never seems to come on time, if at all.  Your ex claims to be ‘between jobs’, but you know about the new car, the trips and the nice clothes.  Where’s the money coming from, where’s your support and…how do you find the answers?

Michael McKeever can find out if your spouse is working, where they’re working and what’s happening to the money that should be coming to you.  Don’t get mad: get proof with Private Investigator Michael McKeever.

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