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When You Absolutely Must Be Sure

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Searching at internet websitePeople generally share only what they’re comfortable revealing.  It’s basic human nature to hide any unflattering or potentially incriminating information from others.  Whether you’re looking to hire a new nanny for your child or an employee for your business, Michael McKeever can provide employee screening and background checks that reveal even the hidden things about the individual you are considering.  When you’re not sure and you want to be,call Michael McKeever.

Find Out Before You Commit

While conducting a background check is most often thought of in the context of hiring a new employee, there are many other reasons individuals request them.   Throughout the state of New York, New York City, Manhattan and surrounding areas, individuals turn to Private Investigator Michael McKeever to conduct background checks for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Choosing a tutor for extracurricular training for a child
  • Learning more about someone they met online before meeting in person
  • Entering into a new business partnership
  • Screening tenants for residential or commercial leases

Employment applicationPrivate Investigator Michael McKeever uncovers a wealth of information.  The depth of any background check is predicated on your individual needs.  Michael’s investigations can include information from:

  • Sex Offender / Criminal / Arrest Records
  • Education History
  • Licensing Records
  • Employment History Records
  • Financials
  • Immigration / Citizenship / Work Status Verification
  • Litigation Records
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Military Records
  • And many other proprietary sources of information that Michael has developed throughout his 30+ year history of Private Investigating

When You Absolutely Have To Know:Call Private Investigator Michael Mckeever