Private Investigation Services in Manhattan, New York City, New York, NY, and NYC

Mike many years ago2As America’s largest city, New York, NY is home to over 8.4 million people. Just as you wouldn’t get in a taxi with a cab driver who didn’t know his way around the city, you shouldn’t put your private investigation in the hands of PI who doesn’t either. So, when you need investigative services, don’t trust just anyone. You need the experience of a seasoned, private investigator who understands NYC, has established contacts throughout the area and can draw from in-depth knowledge and local resources. You need the expertise of Private Investigator, Michael McKeever. With over 30 years providing investigative services throughout New York and across the globe no one is better equipped to serve you.

Whether it’s a fraud investigation on Wall Street, a domestic investigation in Upper Manhattan or a missing persons case in Central Park, Michael McKeever can provide you with the thorough, discreet investigation you want backed by the unparalleled experience you need. As a New York licensed Private Investigator, Michael is equipped to provide the full spectrum of investigative services, including: domestic & infidelity cases, insurance investigations, custody & divorce cases, comprehensive background checks, missing persons and more. Most importantly, Michael McKeever is an established NYC private investigator. He knows his way around the city, which allows him to strategically set up surveillance, follow up on leads and utilize a wide range of connects he’s developed over the past 3 decades. You want answers, and Michael McKeever has the tools to give them to you.

From Times Square to Chinatown, Brooklyn to Manhattan, there isn’t anywhere in NYC that Michael McKeever hasn’t conducted his investigative work over the years. It is this experience and the referrals of hundreds of satisfied clients that have made Michael McKeever the trusted choice of attorneys, businesses, insurance companies and others throughout New York, NY and beyond. Whether you are looking for confirmation of your suspicions or need solid evidence to develop your court case, Michael will work with you to develop a strategy that meets your goals while providing you with the utmost in professionalism and privacy.

When it comes to providing investigative services in the New York City market, experience goes a long way. Not only does an established investigator, like Michael McKeever, know how to ensure the utmost in privacy throughout every phase of the investigation, but he has spent years developing techniques that work and eliminating those that don’t. So whether your investigation is in Soho, Midtown Manhattan, Queens or anywhere in between, Michael’s time tested methods allow him to produce results more efficiently and effectively, saving you time and the stress and frustrating of waiting long periods before seeing solid results. Experience the difference for yourself, and contact Private Investigator, Michael McKeever today for all of your NYC investigative services.