The Employee is Suspect

Posted on: January 14th, 2021

Sometimes people assume the private eye biz is all about infidelity.  But, they are wrong. Some private investigators never do “private cases” instead, relying on attorneys or insurance companies or workman’s compensation work. 

I have done quite a few cases that defy description. Like when a client buys his son a route business and suspects the former owner is stealing back his old customers, in violation of their agreement. How does the client find this out except by surveillance?

Once I had a client who had a similar request. He owned a company that sold food products to stores. He had salespeople that worked for the company and there was one, in particular, he wondered about. He was seldom available for meetings. He seemed too busy for the meager accounts he controlled. He seemed…shifty.

We followed him for several days. He did visit customers and seemed legit until one day we followed him to a nearby town where he was seen opening up his own store! That explained his frequent absences. It explained his bountiful requests for samples. And it explained his need to sell to a few customers at near cost. It was for his own business. He was fired.

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