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Posted on: September 16th, 2014

How Many Employees Should A Detective Agency Have?

The idea of a detective agency has always had some sort of mystery around it… nobody knows exactly what a private detective actually does, but everybody is fascinated by the job.

While the media portrays the industry as mesmerizing and entertaining (with numerous genius-like characters in both literature and cinema), the day to day tasks of a private detective from Manhattan, New York City, NY are rather… boring. Nonetheless, there are some key characteristics of a good private detective (like attention for details, patience, analytical spirit, and so on), and this is one of the main reasons why you will normally find very few people employed in a detective agency from Manhattan, New York City, NY.

In 2004, which is 10 years ago, the industry counted 43,000 private detective jobs, with more than a quarter of these detectives being self-employed. Nonetheless, it is expected that the market will grow throughout 2014, with the best opportunities being in entry-level jobs or part time positions.

These people have to be trustworthy and good keepers of secrets. They put their own safety and even their own lives at risk by failing to keep a secret. What is more, they also have to be familiarized with the law because if they break the law they compromise both their integrity and the results they deliver to their clients.

Usually a private detective will prefer to work on their own, but if they put the basis of a private detective agency they will definitely need some help. Therefore, they may hire a bookkeeper or even a marketing expert, people whose skills and knowledge are complementary to the detective’s.

In many cases detectives pass on their knowledge to their sons or daughters and the company thus becomes a family business.

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