Using Investigation Agency detectives in Manhattan, NYC

Posted on: December 30th, 2015

McKeever investigation agency offer numerous services within the investigation field

Pondering about employing the investigation services of McKeever? We at McKeever provide a multitude of investigation services in NYC, New York and Manhattan servicing our clients through different processes, depending entirely on their requirements. Our wide range of investigation services that covers many areas can be tailored to meet any specific need that our clients might have. Currently, if you are at New York or Manhattan, do get in touch with our investigation agency at 212-226-0358 to assist finding out the truth. Our private investigators have been assisting several clients with precision, excellence and quality investigation services in the following areas as given below:

  1. Due intelligence- Due diligence investigation is one of the many investigation services we provide which generally involves more than an employment background check, a case history regarding an individual or a group of individuals.
  2. Employment background checks- Our investigation services apply to running background check on your potential employees when doubtful about a certain person. Not only it can protect your business but also save you some amount of money.
  3. Adultery- Feeling physically and mentally isolated? If you are likely to have a cheating spouse, it’s time that you seek the assistance you need to find out the truth about the sudden changes in the behavior of your better-half as well as give you a mind of peace.
  4. Patent infringement- Misuse of your patent, trademarks and intellectual property are civil wrongs. In order to protect your evidence for court, our private investigators will help you identify when and where your materials were used and by whom.
  5. Asset search- One of the most extensive services we perform at McKeever is locating valuable assets of a particular organization or individual. We help debt recovery and also offer useful support during any type of legal actions. .
  6. Surveillance- Surveillance is the backbone of every investigation. It is an indispensible component in investigating any case, be it criminal or civil. Services of surveillance are mainly guaranteed for privacy and high levels of precision. We do the needed surveillance by keep a track on the concerned person’s activity for the full day.
  7. Child custody battle- The litigation to settle custody of the children of a divorced couple is very difficult and here the children are the worst sufferers. If you want your children to be safe during the process, you can hire us to help you out.

McKeever’s highly experienced private investigators can help reduce risks with exact in-depth investigations in the above areas. So, if you are thinking about employing our investigation services, hurry up!

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