Solve your case by using a skilled private detective in NY and NYC

Posted on: November 13th, 2014

A private detective can be very helpful and effective in conducting private investigations and solving cases or simply finding important information you need. If you need a private detective in Manhattan, New York, NY or NYC then you should go see detective McKeever. Not only is he a highly experienced and recommended private investigator, he also knows the streets and ways of New York, NYC.

A detective such as McKeever can handle just about any case, be it corporate investigations, identity theft, corruption, cold cases, fraud cases, divorce cases, adoption cases, custody cases, debt tracing, missing persons or freight surveillance.

It does not matter whether you have a basic requirement such as academic record verification or a more complicated matter such as a missing person’s case, a private detective can help you either way.

Detective work is not only about solving cases but also about prevention. For example a private detective can perform necessary background checks on people you intend to employ or do business with and provide you with a comprehensive risk profile and analysis. They can also find out if a business partner or associate is doing business behind your back or selling secret company information. A private investigator can uncover many little secrets such as lack of integrity, susceptibility to bribery, insider trading, misuse of position and more.

Perhaps a family member or relative has mysteriously disappeared and the police have not had success. A private detective such as McKeever will be able to help as he has the experience, knowledge and motivation to follow up on leads and clues that the police might have neglected.

When conducting a private investigation a detective will rely on many specialised skills and resources such as computer forensics, cell phone forensics, tracing, special contacts and more. If you need a case solved in Manhattan, New York, NY or NYC you can rely on McKeever for the best chance of success.

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