Reliable Employment Background Checks in Manhattan, NYC, NY

Posted on: January 21st, 2016

Employment background checks will reduce costly hiring mistakes

If you need investigation services such as employment background checks, pre-employment checks and employee screen in Manhattan, New York City or NY then McKeever is your go to guy. McKeever is a seasoned and experienced private investigator who offers a range of investigation services in NY.

It can be costly to employ the wrong person. There can be many reasons why an employee could turn out to be the wrong person. Perhaps the person is not qualified for the job, is unreliable, is dishonest, is lazy or maybe the person is not even allowed to be employed in US or in a specific position in the US.

Compliance risks as well as other factors such as theft, absenteeism, fraud, poor work ethics can be avoided with proper employment background checks. Pre-employment screening can save your business money and frustration by addressing three important factors.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safety and security
  • Staff turnover

When it comes to employment there are important state and federal regulations that have to be complied with. These relate to issues such eligibility, immigrants, discrimination, licensing and certification. If you do not comply with important regulations and guidelines during the employment process you can face hefty penalties. Employment background checks will help improve compliance.

If you employ somebody who is dishonest or has a criminal record you could well be jeopardising the safety and security of your business. Pre-employment checks will help to identify individuals who could pose a risk to your business. Employment background checks involve checking for past offences and if there are red flags more in-depth checks can be performed.

When you ignore things such as pre-employment screening you get end up hiring unsuitable individuals which will lead to a hiring and firing environment that will ultimately increase staff turnover and negatively affect staff morale and productivity.

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