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Posted on: September 20th, 2017

When you are a private investigator for many years you gain a lot of experience with people in dire situations. Some times of their own making. Some you can help. Some not. I have seen women sitting with their current boyfriend ask to follow their husband- certain he too must be cheating. I have had prospective clients describe their difficult situation and then ask me furtively if there is “another way” to eliminate the problem. I usually give the same answer to their clumsily disguised solicitation of murder- “if you think you have problems now, ask that of the wrong person and you will have all the same problems plus be sitting in a jail cell”.

Sometimes you can help and feel like you have accomplished something. Like when you tail an insurance claimant who is faking. The ones who are still working although they deny it.  The ones who only need the cane when they go to the doctor.  Or to court. Those videos can be very revealing, even comical.

One of my favorite cases is to catch the deadbeat dads. They guys who swear they can’t pay child support because they are simply unemployed. But really they are working for cash. It’s not easy to catch them, but it is satisfying. Like a recent case in the Bronx where I tailed this “out of work” construction guy for several stops until I caught him on video (in his work clothes and with his tools) entering yet another building. And then he returns to the van for his ladder! I told the client, “I’d like to hear what he will say to the family court judge now? I was returning a ladder”. The judge did not buy it.


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