Private Eye in New York, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Posted on: January 11th, 2018

Are you looking for a private investigator to spy on your business partner, spouse, or employees? Michael McKeever is a New York-based licensed private eye who combines determination, tenacity, and professional expertise to discover the truth no matter how elusive it is. Having been in the industry for three decades, he has become an expert at not only gathering right information, knowing what to look for and where but he has learned how to do so without grabbing attention. He has earned a reputation for his poise, efficiency, and effectiveness in all situations.

If you are looking for an investigator like him, you must look out for 3 essential qualities. Take a look.


This is the first and foremost trait that all detectives must have. Not all cases are crystal clear; some require nerve-racking work and must be done with carefulness and caution. If one is not intelligent, he might not only fail to crack the issue but will also make a goof up and invariably get caught.


Some cases, especially business or infidelity issues, require confidentiality and runs the risk of family prestige or company reputation. As a private detective, a lot of secrets might be revealed to you but it is upon you how you will keep the matter between you and your client only.


If an investigator shows his or her aggressive side from the very beginning, the defenses and accused must not break away easily. So, make sure the investigator you choose should have a friendly, calm, and composed demeanor.


Like any other work, this too requires a lot of perseverance and patience. Sometimes it might take a little time to crack open a case. In such a scenario, a true investigator will keep doing their job persistently until the truth is out.

So, if you feel that we, at Michael McKeever PI, have such qualities, then choose us for any case based in Manhattan, New York, NY, or NYC. Give us a call at 212-226-0358 now.

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