Private Detective, Private Investigator in Manhattan, NYC, New York, NY

Posted on: June 9th, 2014

A private detective and investigator who knows how to solve cases

When you have suspicion or gut-feel that someone is up to no good or screwing you over in some way, you may well need the services of an experienced private detective to help solve your case. When you have a case in Manhattan or New York City, NY then you need a private investigator that has hands on experience. You need a private detective who has real experience out on the streets. You need PI McKeever.

Not knowing the real facts; not knowing the truth can be an excruciating and emotionally destroying experience. Perhaps your spouse is cheating on you or your child is involved with drugs or your business partner is embezzling funds. Maybe your case is even more severe, such as a missing child. Whatever the nature of your torment, detective McKeever can help.

When you hire a PI you want results, fast results. You also want privacy and discretion. You want to deal with a private investigator who understands the importance of your privacy and who also knows the science of investigation. You want the kind of private detective who knows where to look, who to speak to, who to interrogate, who to follow and who to confront. You need evidence to support and prove your suspicions and to solve your mystery.

A professional and experienced detective such as McKeever knows how to find and analyse evidence. He knows how to use the tools of the trade, where to look, who to contact, who to keep under surveillance and when to act and when to wait.

Investigative work requires special skills that are only acquired with expert training and years of real field work. Covert surveillance, overt surveillance, forensic science, computer forensics, tracking, tracing and following are all special tasks that require the utmost patience, discipline and attention to detail.. You don’t want to risk trying it on your own. One mistake can blow your case or even cost you your life. Leave it in the hands of a PI that knows what he is doing.

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