New York City Investigators

Posted on: June 8th, 2017

Investigators often deal with people under stress.  Where is my daughter living?  Who is she with?

Is our son back on drugs?  Can I trust my husband when he is away on business?

Or even simpler questions: Can you find my friend from twenty years ago? At McKeever PI, we’ve handled it all discreetly and efficiently.


These are common requests to the investigator and we need to be a calming influence on the client.

Never to promise more than can be delivered, but to advise that we are professionals  working for them and we will find the answer.


We private investigators are in the information business and the client hires us to get information they cannot.  Usually with today’s technology we can be in contact with the client “as it happens”.   I like to email a photo to the client when we arrive at the surveillance location, for example.  This is to say, “we are here and everything is under control”. After that we can update the client with what develops.


The client needs to feel they can trust the investigator but with photo updates they can feel assured the job is being done.  Beyond that, the investigator has no control of the outcome.  And, that information is for the client, to decide what is next.  I tell people all the time: “when you find out what is going on, then you will know how you feel”.

New York City Investigators from McKeever PI are discreet and efficient. We can provide real-time peace of mind with surveillance updates and let you decide.

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