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Posted on: December 2nd, 2015

What To Know About Employment Background Checks

Opened up a new job position in your company? Want to make sure that who you think about hiring is really worth it? Thinking about running employment background checks?

It is more and more common for business owners to run employment background for their potential employees. It is a safe way of getting to know who they are and if you want them a part of your company. Employment background checks became a habit because potential employees were lying about who they were.

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Types of employment background checks

Depending on what you want to know about your potential employee there are multiple employment background checks that you can run. But not every information can be find out, for example information about its military service and its credit score need to be consented.

You can run checks for drug tests, criminal background, credit checks, driving records, and in some cases sex offender registry.

Stay within the law

When running employment background checks it is important to stay within the law as some checking may not be in your range. You can do some searches on the internet and verify resumes but that’s about it.

This is a job for a private investigator as he has the authority of doing more research. But not even investigators are allowed to do any type of search.

Reasons to run employment background checks

When you are having doubts about a potential employee, running employment background checks might protect your business and it might help you on the long run.

Imagine, that if the employee is not as serious as seen on the resume. With background checks you can actually find out what happened at their previous jobs, or you can find out whether the employee has a bad temper, which can save you the money you were going to waste on that employee.

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