Litigation Defense Investigator & Infidelity Investigations in NYC, Manhattan, New York, NY

Posted on: September 16th, 2014

A litigation defense investigator for infidelity investigations in Manhattan NY

When you are involved in some legal action your case will stand or fall on the strength of the evidence. Lawyers don’t go out there looking for evidence but a litigation defense investigator will. And the evidence they uncover could make the difference between winning and losing.

McKeever PI is a recommended litigation defense investigator in Manhattan, New York City, NY and handles all types of cases including infidelity investigations.

If you need a defense investigator you want to work with a detective that has extensive field experience in the subject matter of your case.  You are not looking for an extension of a security guard service or some home enthusiast.  Whether we are talking about criminal investigations, fraud investigations or infidelity investigations, it is work best left to a private detective who has the training, resource and field work experience.

A litigation defense investigator also has a good knowledge of the law as far as it pertains to evidence and the acquisition of that evidence.  For example even if you obtain real evidence but that evidence was obtained using prohibited means, then the evidence will not be admissible and will be thrown out of court. A defense investigator also needs to have the proper accreditations such as a state licence else he will not be allowed to give or provide evidence in his capacity as a private detective.

Personal cases such as infidelity cases have to be dealt with in an extremely confidential and discreet manner. Such cases often involve a great amount of emotional pain for all involved. A PI should also have certain amount of understanding for the human emotions involved and have the ability to conduct an investigation without being unduly influenced. Infidelity cases can also impact on children and as such extreme care must be taken to protect the identities and privacies of the people involved.

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