Investigation Services for Employees in Manhattan, NY

Posted on: November 1st, 2015

Top 4 reasons for employment background checks

Before hiring any employees for a company, always keep this phrase in mind that “prevention is better than cure”. In this case, it means that it is better to be safe than being sorry while hiring new employees as the wrong can really have some serious consequences both on the company as well as on the employer. So, while hiring employees for a company the employer should collect all sorts of information about the background, starting from education to family medical history and criminal records (if any) of the employee to make an informed judgment. When an employer asks about your background, they must treat you equally as anyone else, irrespective of your caste, race, national origin, sex, religion and physical disability. However, hiring an unqualified candidate is much better than one who is a bad cultural fit as the company might not be able to survive the consequences of welcoming in an employee who is dishonest or harmful. We at McKeever based in NY are an expert at gathering information, knowing what to look for and how to do so without grabbing attention for the past 3 decades. Here are some of the reasons why we do regular employment screening, like most other companies offering investigation services in New York City and Manhattan while hiring new employees for our company:

  • False or exaggerated information given any by job applicants make the employers to be careful of accepting any of their word at face value.
  • Most business firms are familiar with negligent hiring. Negligent hiring resulting from one bad hire can land a company embroiled in a lawsuit which in turn can spoil its reputation. If an employee’s actions hurt someone, the employer is liable. The threat of liability gives employers a reason to be very careful in checking the past of a job-seeker.
  • Corporate executives and directors often face a degree of scrutiny in both professional and personal life.
  • The availability of databases containing several records of personal data. As the cost of searching these databases sources reduces, employers are finding it more practicable to conduct background checking.

Bottom line

Irrespective of the size of the organization, performing background checks on new employees is the most effective way in discovering potential issues that could affect your business.


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