Investigation Services in Manhattan, New York, NYC, NY

Posted on: August 11th, 2015

Sherlock Holmes might be a fictitious character but the job Arthur Conan Doyle made him do in the books made him cool. We have often read about detectives in books or seen them on screen but in real life? Well, let’s just say not many of us think of them as part of our reality. But contrary to such believes, detectives are real people and do a very serious job. One such investigative agency in NYC is Micheal McKeever, private investigator. He is a third-generation investigator having a thorough idea of the geography of New York.

His primary job is to run a background check on a prospective employee, cataloguing the activities of an employee, locating the whereabouts of a missing person or even unraveling the truth about an unfaithful spouse.

Trained and Experienced
McKeever has the experience and the tools to dig out information from the oddest of places. He literally knows the nooks and corners of NY and can track a person quite conveniently. Of course he relies of certain prescribed methods of investigation such as tracking down the previous address of the person, meeting his/her family and acquaintances and even getting details about his financial condition.

Confidential Investigator
One of the prime reasons why McKeever has earned a reputation as a detective is because he knows how to keep things confidential. He looks up for the concerned person secretly, if that’s what the clients want. He surely has his means and resources to find everything about a person without letting the person know anything.

Finding The Complete Truth About A Person
McKeever can dig out any type of information about a person. From finding out records whether the person is a sex offender or a criminal to getting his education history, licensing records, employment history records, finances, work status verification, litigation records, military records etc.

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