Infidelity and Matrimonial Investigations: Manhattan, NYC, NY

Posted on: February 25th, 2015

Infidelity and matrimonial investigations by a skilled detective

When you suspect your other half is up to no good it can hurt like hell. Infidelity is a highly personal matter that is loaded with emotions and feelings.  Suspicions can drive you mad and it is best for all involved to get the real facts and the real truth. In many cases you may need the help of a detective that conducts discreet and professional infidelity investigations.

McKeever is a PI that conducts discreet matrimonial investigations in NYC, New York, NY.  The very nature of matrimonial and infidelity investigations requires a detective who can operate professionally and under the radar so to speak. You want to also deal with a PI that has the resources, skills and equipment to bring you the cold hard evidence if there is such evidence.


A good detective will get as much upfront information as possible about the subject. This could include friends list, hobbies, work details, memberships, doctors’ appointments and much more. This provides a better picture and profile of the subject and makes subsequent investigation easier.


In order to obtain the evidence a detective may use various means and methods. These could include tasks such as tracking, surveillance, photography, video, phone tapping, tracing and computer forensics.


When doing surveillance a good detective will use an inconspicuous vehicle that is easy to forget. After all you don’t want to draw attention when you are following someone. Magnum PI’s Ferrari won’t cut it. Your detective will also conduct a pre-surveillance check to discover important details as well as any potential problems.


Once you get the evidence from your detective you will be in a position to make proper decisions. Now it may turn out that your suspicions were incorrect and unfounded but in most cases where there is smoke there is fire. Whatever the outcome of your matrimonial investigation, it is the truth that matters most.

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