Employment background checks or Private investigation in Manhattan, New York City and NY

Posted on: October 16th, 2014

When you live and work in a massive city such as New York chances are good you will require a private investigation at some time or another.  McKeever private detective in Manhattan, New York City and NY is your one stop solution for a private investigation or detective work.

Maybe you are a company looking to hire some people and you need to do employment background checks. Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. And with employment laws it is easy to hire someone but a lot harder to get rid of him or her.  You could do employment background checks yourself. Perhaps you will make a phone call or two – contact one or two given references and be done with it. Unfortunately people lie and you could easily get the incorrect or insufficient information. A private investigator is trained in things like background checks and knows where to look, what questions to ask, who to speak to and when to dig deeper. A detective can spot red flag miles away. You as a layman in this field will have a much more difficult time spotting something odd, even when it’s right under your nose. Employment is serious business and not something you want to get wrong. By hiring a private detective to perform important employment background checks, you will reduce the risk of such mistakes substantially.

A private investigation could involve just about anything; from infidelity cases to accident reports and investigations, from insurance claims to fraud and theft.  If you have an important private investigation you will do yourself a favor by engaging the services of a skilled and field-wise detective such as McKeever. A skilled and experienced detective knows the ropes and knows how to do essential field work such as surveillance, tracing and tracking.

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