Employment background checks: New York, NYC, NY

Posted on: May 3rd, 2015

Employment background checks is one of the important investigation services offered by McKeever


You are about to make an important employment decision, perhaps even a key person, but do you know all you should about the person you are about to employ? If you need employment background checks or other investigation services in Manhattan, New York City, NY then you should ask the McKeever detective agency for help.

Information is valuable and employment background checks can help you get the information you need in order to make informed and sound decisions. Pre-employment checks offer a first line of defence that can help protect your company and your assets. Background checks can reveal the presence of unwanted past behavior such as fraud, theft, criminal convictions, abuse and many others.

Negligent hiring can cost you and your company dearly if you employ the wrong candidate. Employment background checks is a valuable screening service that can help ascertain that the candidate has the right integrity and skills for position in question. A private investigator that conducts a pre-employment investigation will do a thorough and detailed screening of all the relevant and important aspects of the potential candidate’s claims, lifestyle and past records. The private investigator will only deal with facts that are relevant and pertinently to the position in question. A professional investigator like McKeever will conduct a pre-employment check within the bounds o0f the laws and the individual’s privacy rights.

A private detective can also provide many other investigation services of a domestic or commercial nature. Some examples include infidelity, divorce, child custody, accident investigations, fraud, theft, missing persons and more. In order to conduct such investigations a private detective relies on years of experience and field work and employs specialised techniques such as surveillance, tracing, tracking, forensics and many other skills. At the end the goal is to obtain the evidence you need to resolve your case and bring the matter to a closure.



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