Employment Background Checks in Manhattan, NY

Posted on: December 29th, 2014

The need for employment background checks is greater than ever before


There are many possible scenarios where the services of a private investigator could be useful. For example when you want to employ someone in a key or sensitive position then a background check would be important.  Mckeever is a private investigator who operates in Manhattan, New York City, NY and has extensive experience in employment background checks.


There are many good reasons to conduct employment background checks. These include


  • Compulsory criminal background checks for anyone who works with children
  • To avoiding negligent hiring lawsuits
  • To detect incorrect, false or inflated information
  • To comply with Federal and state laws
  • The easy access to certain information on the Internet
  • To avoid corporate scandals and resultant losses
  • To protect your companies image
  • To simply avoid making a bad hiring decision


The current focus on issues such as safety and security has also increased the need for proper and professional background checks.


When conducting employment background checks an investigator will tap into many resources including social security records, vehicle registration records, property records, court records, educational records, online resources, social media sites, workers comp records, bankruptcies, criminal records and many more.


Background check can be as basic as verifying specific information or very detailed with a comprehensive investigation into wide array records, social acquaintances, employment history and more.


A professional investigator such as McKeever is also aware of things that may not be reported on in a background check. These may vary from state to state but usually relate to certain offences or incidents that happened long ago. For example paid tax liens after seven years or bankruptcies older than 10 years may in certain instances not be reported. There may be other confidential information where a potential candidate’s permission may be required before the information can be obtained.


It is one of the responsibilities of the private investigator to know whether specific information obtained during employment background checks may legally be included in a report.

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