Detective Agency in Manhattan, New York, NYC

Posted on: August 19th, 2015

“Trust, but verify”, said Ronald Regan, the 40th president of the United States. Private investigators must operate with a similar outlook. Mckeever’s Investigation Services consider all information under the sky, open to thorough verification. He leaves out nothing in his quest for the vital truth which will save his clients from damage. Mckeever knows that truth is like the blazing sun, you can only shut it out briefly but it is never going away and so he strives till the last limit, to come out with the truth. He offers a number of services including employment background checks, finding missing persons, computer crimes and so on. Michael’s specialty lies in:

Saying no to rash action

One secret of Mckeever’s reputation,  which is certified in the respectable circles, from Manhattan to New York City, is his risk-taking attitude but with a rationale. He knows exactly how to maintain a balance between discretion regarding confidential client information and the zeal needed to dive deep into seedy matters of intrigue, dishonesty and malice. Mckeever severely withholds from hasty, hot headed actions because the one thing that he has understood from decades of arduous experience in the private investigation trade is that, rash actions develop immense scopes of danger for his clients’ causes, which is completely contrary to his goals.

Handling sensitive issues discretely

Despite being an absolutely involved professional, he knows where the thin line lies between the private and public domains of his client’s affairs. Mckeever is only keen on information which will help him get past the snags of the case in point.  He offers a broad range of domestic investigation services in NY, concerning partner’s infidelity and behavioral abnormality in children. He understands the sanctity of home and the kind of prudence required in dealing with issues regarding personal relationships. To minimize damage on home and personal relationships, Mckeever strategizes to keep hazardous disclosures low key and essentially discreet. This also applies for investigation regarding issues after the cessation of a marital relationship, involving determination of assets of either party, criteria for custody of children and so on.

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