5 Things to Check while Running Employment Background Checks in Manhattan, New York, NY, NYC

Posted on: February 3rd, 2018

If you are an entrepreneur, then you shouldn’t be a part of negligent hiring. This can not only harm your business but can ruin your goodwill and reputation entirely as well. Hence, if your business is set up anywhere in and around Manhattan, New York, NY, or NYC, then getting in touch with us, Michael McKeever PI, for employment background checks can help. What? Wondering what is this for and what you need to check via this procedure? Well then, you need to give this blog a very good read.

  • Criminal History: The most important thing which you need to check is the criminal history of the employee you are going to hire. You do not want a robber or a murderer to be one of your staffs, right? Hence, kindly ask the company you are hiring to run criminal history check.
  • Previous Employment: The second thing which needs verification is the previous employment of the person. Was he efficient and active? Was he regular? Was he cordial and respectful towards his fellow team members? All these things are important when it comes to hiring someone new for your company.
  • Education: There have been many cases in the past when it has been found that the person has lied about his educational qualification in his or her resume. So, in order to be sure regarding this, ask the company you have chosen, to run a thorough check on his educational qualification as well.
  • Credit History: Many companies use credit as part of their screening process and it is necessary as well. A credit score can tell how much a person is indebted and how pressurized he is.
  • Drug History: Last but not at all the least, you need to check if he has any drug-related history too.

So, these were a few things you need to check before hiring an employee. Hopefully, you will follow this from now on so that you are not a victim of negligent hiring and regret later.

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